Who We Are

MOULANA ALI MIYAN NADWI EDUCATONAL & CHARITABLE TRUST Aisha Nagar, Bathendi, Jammu (J&K INDIA) or such place which, Chairman of the trust determines in consultation with the Trustees of the Trust. The Area of operation of the Trust shall be the state if Jammu and Kashmir and the Trust shall be purely a charitable Trust for the benefit of general public having no political or religious affiliation with any political or religious group or party.


The vision of the organization is sustainable development of the rural and backward areas; empowerment of the vulnerable sections of the society; driving out the miseries of the masses; improving the health and socio-economic status of the deprived; and, bringing the poor into the forefront and mainstream of development.

  1. To create awareness in the general public against environmental pollution and “AIDS” by holding workshops, symposiums and seminars etc.

  2. To carry on community development programmes and for the upliftment of the economically weaker and educationally backward sections of the society and also construct the develop community centers and halls for carrying on such activities.


The mission of MOULANA ALI MIYAN NADWI EDUCATONAL & CHARITABLE TRUST Aisha Nagar, Bathendi, Jammu (J&K INDIA) is to guide the vulnerable, especially the aged and differently abled men, women and children and engaging them in productive activities; along with directing the youth belonging to backward areas towards a constructive development path, utilizing their energy for the progress of backward areas; and, also guiding the poor towards sustainable economic development.

  1. To Provide for relief including financial assistance to the poor, the destitute, orphans and widows. And to arrange education both formal and informal among the girls/women in J&K State without considering any caste, creed and community.

  2. To encourage sportsmanship and adventurous spirit and the learners and those connected such with the institutions to meet any challangeous donating blood for needy patients to save precious life.

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